A Decade or More

We honor our employees who have been with us for a decade or more. Their hard work, generosity and passion has helped make Socius who we are today.

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” - Halford E. Luccock

Patrick E. Hanley


Dedicated Employee since 1997

"Paul Lefcourt and I wanted to start a wholesale brokerage firm that was dedicated to doing things ‘the right way’. Placing value on coverage. Making our retail partners ‘look good’. Working with our underwriting partners, not against them. Creating an exciting, fun and collaborative atmosphere that allowed each producer and employee to maximize on their potential. We never set out to be the biggest wholesaler, just the best. I genuinely believed we’ve succeeded at what we set out to do."

Sherlene Brasher

Associate Broker II

Dedicated Employee since 2012

"What else can I say here that hasn’t already been said for which I completely agree! ‘Doing things the right way’….and with a wonderful group of people whose friendship I am so grateful for and work ethics I admire. Socius is the best ever!"

Michael Hoy

General Counsel & Complex Claims Consultant

Dedicated Employee since 2012

"Our company’s name, “Socius”, means “partner” in Latin. The word “colleague” derives from Latin words meaning to gather or collect together. For me, then, Socius as a company is best described as a great group of colleagues—and friends—gathered together for the purpose of being optimal partners for our clients. "

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