Casualty coverage to complement the products you already offer your client may need to be tailored to provide the right fit. As an independently-owned wholesale insurance broker, we specialize in customizing coverage to dovetail with what you offer.

Our casualty practice group works as a team, along with our carrier partners, to identify the right coverage for each situation quickly.

Hard to place policies we can address: general liability, umbrella/excess liability, and environmental risk. We have access to industry specific products for life sciences, manufacturers, and environmental contractors and consultants.

Contact us for immediate assistance with your hard to place casualty risks, or learn more about our underwriting capability.

Casualty Products
General Liability
Products Liability
Product Recall
Environmental Liability (monoline & package)
Project Specific Policies (GL & Enviro)
Marine General Liability
Target Operations
Residential & Commercial Contractors
Life Sciences (WC & Auto available)
Hospitality (bars/restaurants/nightclubs)
Environmental Contractors (WC & Auto available)
Medical Device Manufacturers
Tough products (cannabis/auto parts/pediatric)
LRO with high hazard tenants
Manufacturers & Importers

What Our Clients Say

Even in cases where we could go direct to a carrier for coverage, we happily go through Socius because of their deep knowledge and the how much we trust them.

Dirk DeJong | CEO, Chairman – Frank H. Furman, Inc.